Franchise Opportunities

Installer Franchise

Installer Franchise – As a LAMdeck Installer/Designer you will be able to grow a thriving business in partnership with one of our corporate locations to support your cutting and fabricating needs. As an Installer, you will be able to accurately measure your customer’s boat, design the layout of material yourself, and have a corporate location fabricate and cut the kit for you. This option would require a lower startup cost, but would result in a lower profit margin for you.

Call us at 321-505-4888 for additional details.

Fabricator Franchise

Fabricator Franchise – As a LAMdeck Fabricator, you are a “do it all” shop. You will have a business that you are in total control of
production from start to finish. You will have the tools and training to accurately Measure, Design, and Fabricate the raw EVA foam material yourself. You do not need to rely on a corporate location to cut and fabricate for you. This will require a higher startup cost, but will yield the highest profit margin available.

Call us at 321-505-4888 for additional details.

We are always happy to discuss opening a franchise in your area and we would love to talk to you about becoming part of the LAMdeck family. Give us a call today and join the LAMdeck team!


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